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News Roundup Week of July 15

This week my guest is Joseph Bradford! We discuss the firing of 2 ArenaNet employees.  Xbox One S and X get Dolby Vision Support.  Bioniks is developing a mobile Switch Dock. Fortnite is taking over the world…. and now supports gyro controls on the Switch! Also, we play a round of Gaming Would You Rather to end our show!  

News Roundup Week of July 1

This week my guest is Marty Estes from Nintendo Dads! We discuss OPSkins getting the ban hammer, the upcoming Halo tv series, Sony’s *yawn* inability to play well with others, and is Google working on the next big gaming console? Also, is it just us, or did Waluigi get snubbed in the Smash fanfare? We’ll also tell you what gaming franchise we want to see more of, and what we wouldn’t cry any tears over seeing go away! 

News Roundup Week of June 24

This week my gues is Katie Berto from Tantrums and Tequila! We discuss the ongoing fallout from Sony not being willing to play nice with others.  Call of Duty MW3 comes to Backwards Compatibility.  Our Mailbag Discussion segment is all about the World Health Organization’s decision to add “Gaming Disorder” to the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases.  We talk about how we feel about this classification and how listeners feel about it too!