News Roundup Week of September 30

This week, I’m joined by Spencer Stapleton from The Fortress of Nerditude!  We discussed February 22, 2019, Nintendo’s original idea for a “bowsette” creation, and of course PS4’s new cross play for Fortnite as well as asked you what other games you wanted to see on Cross Play! 


Ep.2 (Nintendo Direct Shenanigans)

Animal Crossing is finally making its way onto the Nintendo Switch! This week the boys are back and talking about the recent Nintendo Direct that aired on 9/13/19. They go through each announcement one by one and discuss their feelings on each of them.

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Animal Crossing Finally Coming To Switch!

Animal Crossing was announced to release on Nintendo Switch in 2019. There’s still a lot of time to speculate what it will be, but for now, enjoy some awesome Animal Crossing Music!!


This was hands down one of the most exciting announcements from the Nintendo Direct. Nintendo trolled us by leading us to believe Animal Crossing was getting announced then revealing Isabel in Smash. Then pulling back out to Mr. Nook and revealing that Animal crossing was, in fact, coming in 2019!