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Drago Dino Review

By Joey Splats


Drago Dino was created by Plug-In Digital. Unfortunately, it failed to impress. You control a Drago Dino called Bob (Yes, Original) who you guide through 10 levels in search of his lost egg. You do this by traversing through 2D platform levels which are very lackluster. Bob doesn’t control very well but is designed very well and looks cute enough. Once you get used to his flaws, he does seem to bob-along.

Many Modes

There are two difficulties to choose from. You can choose Normal or Hard. In Normal, you get three lives and checkpoints whereas in Hard, you get one life and no checkpoints.

Players can also play in Co-op mode. In addition to that, there is a practice mode with a practice map.  The practice mode came off as a bit strange.  It’s almost as if the developers knew that this particular Drago Dino was going to be hard to control.

The Verdict.

It’s not a bad game by any stretch. Its one high point is that the game looks incredibly cute. I simply can’t recommend it as lackluster as it is.  Drago Dino as mentioned already, failed to impress me and I fear it will fail to impress you.  For £8.99($9.99) it seems a tad expensive for what you get. it took me roughly 1:30 hours to complete, so it’s not a long game.  Q4P Pass or Play? PASS


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