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Devious Dungeon Review [Nintendo Switch]

Here we are, In a Devious Dungeon

Devious Dungeon is a 2d Platformer dungeon crawler by Ratalaika Games! The concept of the game is so simple! The whole game is based of the player trying to get through randomly generated levels where in the player fights monsters! Finds collectables! Breaks stuff!! In each level there is a key that the player must find in order to unlock the exit!

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

It seems so simple! And that’s the beauty of the game its that simple! After you have completed three dungeons in a row! You are given the chance to upgrade your weapons! This is essential as there are many levels of the dungeon! With each passing level the mobs that appear hit harder and are harder to kill! Which adds depth to the game! With every 15 levels there is a pre-set boss that are engaging and make it worth you’re while getting to them. The game finishes once you get to floor 70! However, its not that simple to get there!

The Positives

So the positives are


  • Simple
  • Great Visual appeal
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Great upgrade system!
  • Replayability

The Negatives

With all the praise I can muster about this game it does however have some negatives; They are:


  • Can sometimes be seen to be grindy
  • Due to its pick, up and play style can doesn’t have a lot of depth
  • Some monster’s attacks are impossible to avoid
  • Repetitive the more you play

The Decision

With every game comes its negatives and it shouldn’t subtract from the game! Because it’s a great game for that pick up and play style type of gaming! Don’t expect big things! But expect to have fun for the little amount you have to pay of $7.99, £7.99. it’s a game everyone should buy and enjoy!






Reviewed by: Joseph Hehir aka JoeySplats

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