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Ep.21 Brain Powered VR

Quest 4 Pixels Conversations Podcast

Finally, we get to experience telekinesis! Brain-controlled VR games are coming soon! This week on The Quest 4 Pixels Conversation Mike and Sheldon discuss brain controlled VR, early access games and bundling them with consoles, Crash Bandicoot coming to Switch, and More! This weeks topic is Nintendo Switch game pricing, and how console game prices need to be reworked to compete with PC. Also, we announce our partnership with The Nintendo Village (https://www.thenintendovillage.com/ ) the new home for The Quest 4 Pixels Podcast! Get ready to go off topic with Mike and Sheldon!

Ep.18 (Backlog…Squirrel!)


This week we have friends of the show on, Matt Knight. Also, a Mike joins in on the conversation. We discuss Nintendos plan to put Switch into the long-term game, and also our Backlogs!

Matt Knight on Twitter: Skinnymattk

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What Is Quest 4 Pixels?

How It Started, And Where It’s Going

Quest 4 Pixels started out as a gaming Podcast with a Nintendo Focus. From that, it grew into an all-around gaming media brand. Quest 4 Pixels is made up of two guys, Sheldon and Tony. We stream to youtube and twitch daily, with weekends being our scheduled play time involving our community. Fridays Saturdays and Sundays are our Doom, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, and Splatoon 2 days. These games have helped us grow our community and continues to bring new views into the community. Weekdays are our experimenting days where we play games from our libraries to see what stick. We are dedicated to bringing the best content that we can to our viewers. On Youtube we are focusing on making two video series, “Better Late Than Never” which will focus on games that have had huge hype and large followings that we haven’t played, and “Quest 4 Pixels show and tell” Which is a video series that involves our community and other Gaming personalities to show of pieces from their gaming collections. As we continue to grow, our content continues to improve.WHDQ-514022451