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Press Release: Mario Teaches Texting Out Now!

Finger Stimulating Fun

After 27 years since Mario Teaches Typing released on MS-DOS Nintendo and Mario have returned to the world of edu-tainment. Starting today you’ll be able to download a brand new app to your smart devices. Mario Teaches Texting. Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom pals will take you on anĀ  finger stimulating journey through the wonderful world of text messages. Have a blast LOL-ing with Yoshi , YOLO-ing along with Toad, SMH at Wario and much more exciting text savvy shorthand. Give your texting skills a 1-Up. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store now!!



Today only download Mario Teaches Texting and get the HUGE DLC package free! Luigi Teaches Sexting DLC.


April Fools from everyone here at Quest 4 Pickles ….ahem uh Pixels

-Tony Baker-