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Mandy Lee Plays: Labo Unboxing & RC Car

Nintendo Labo Unboxing and Building

Mandy Unboxes Labo and puts together the Rc Car build. Check out her Video Below and be sure to Subscribe to her YouTube channel!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94Slglugscs%5B/embedyt%5D

Subscribe to Mandy’s YouTube Here

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God of Cardboard

4/20 mean its time to break into God of War, or maybe you have an insatiable love of cardboard. if so Labo is the product for you!

Paper Cuts and 4K


What a crazy day in the video game world yesterday On 4/20. On one side you had ultra 4k graphics. The other side, you had people building cardboard pianos and robot suits. The great thing about this is that, no matter what end of the console war you land on, people were able to come together and celebrate video games. It was fun to see twitter filled with pictures of people opening there God of war PS4. And all the people diving into there kits of labor. 4/20 was a day that people could finally put preference aside to just enjoy the thing we all love, video games.

Nintendo Labo

What one did you pick up yesterday, God of war, or Labo? post your pictures of your pickups to the Q4P twitter

Also, you can check out a full unboxing of both Labo kits with Sheldon

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