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Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go who will you choose


Late last night the Pokemon company unveiled to the world the Pokemon Let’s Go series. You will have the ability to choose Pikachu or Eevee depending upon what version of the game you choose. Pikachu and Eevee will be your main companion while traveling through Kanto, as you play through the Pokemon Yellow story.


Pikachu and Eevee won’t be the only pokemon able to follow you around, you will be able to choose a partner pokemon just like in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Let’s Go uses some other features you will find in Pokemon Go. How you capture Pokemon and also how you encounter pokemon, will also mimic Pokemon Go.





You will no Longer have to worry about knocking out that wild Pokemon you have been chasing after because, you will not be battling with wild Pokemon. You will still be able to use your Pokemon to battle trainers just like in the main line series of the games. Battling has been reworked and looks more like a Pokemon stadium style of game play, complete with actual animations of your Pokemon’s moves.

Take the fun with you


One of the coolest things about this new series of Pokemon games is. How many ways you can take the fun with you. The Pokeball plus is a amazing creation and it has my inner 12 year old self going crazy. Not only can you use the Pokeball plus as a controller. You can also use it like the original Go plus. You can use this Pokeball to transfer Pokemon from your Let’s go game to your Pokemon Go game. When you move the Pokemon back to the Let’s Go game you will find some awesome surprises your Pokemon will bring back with them.


Play together


The best feature of these new Let’s Go series of games is. How you will be able to play through the story and explore this world with a friend. They will help you capture Pokemon, and will also battle beside you in trainer battles.

Over all this is a huge home run for the Pokemon company.  I can not wait to get my hands on these games and just get lost in the world of Pokemon.pokemon