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Nintendo Indie Highlights

Today we were surprised with a Nintendo Uk Indie highlight video. there were many great games, a few that stood out to me were, Everspace, Morphie’s law and it will be available today at 1pm est, windjammers and windjammers 2.

Check out the indie Highlights video here and let us know what games your looking forward to.

Pocket Rumble

First impressions

Pocket Rumble is a 16-bit fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. If you thought to yourself isn’t this game already out. You wouldn’t be wrong to think so, Pocket Rumble was one of the first games shown off during the first Nindies Direct. Pocket Rumble takes inspiration from the SNK fighters on the Neo Geo pocket.

Pocket Rumble is a fighter that would have been right at home on the NES. From a glance the game seems like it wouldn’t have much to offer in depth, but once you dive in you will be surprised at how deep the game play gets.  Pocket Rumble is a two button fighter with a lot of heart. You will find yourself losing hours trying to master one fighter. It sounds boring but is really satisfying once you pull that combo you have been working on off.


Single Player

In single player mode there are a few different game choices. there is training, arcade, and career. Training mode will walk you through all of the controls of the game, arcade mode is a place where you can just relax and play, the real fun if in career mode where it keeps track of your win loss percentage of each fighter you use.


One great feature of Pocket Rumble is the online play, you can choose to play with friends and or random opponents, there is also ranked mode for you super competitive players. I have played 15 online matches at this point, it was really fast finding a opponent and there was zero impute lag. This is a really solid online fighter.


The verdict

Pocket Rumble is a great game with a lot of the features we have grown to want in our fighting games and at only $13 Canadian this is a must have for any fighting fan.


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Soccer Slammers Review

By Joey Splats


Soccer Slammers is a game made by Atooi, A great Indie development company ran by the main man Jools Watsham. Atooi has made some outstanding games in the past and Soccer Slammers is another game in the long lists of games they have produced.

This game is an excellent arcade game which has released at a perfect time; Just in time for the World Cup. Compared to past games I have found that this game has a lack of polish which most of his games have had in the past, which I’ll explain later.

So what’s the score

The game is simple, and that’s its charm. You control one person in a two-person team (Multiplayer has player 2 controlling the second) and the goal is simply to score in the others goal. Come on we have all played Football before we know how this works.

You have four moves you can make. B = Pass, A = Shoot, Y = Tackle and R = Boost. I tell you this now because of the tricky things about starting the game up first time is that unless you go into the options the game does not tell you what the buttons are. Which is not a problem, but something that could be incorporated into the start up sequence for first time players.

However once you learn what button does what the game play is refreshing and challenging, the AI is on point and Jools needs a well done for how well it responds to you and how well it works, all leading up to a great experience.


Two Modes

The game comes with Two modes. A quick match mode and World Cup mode.

Quick match lets you pick any team and choose there difficulty and your enemies and then pits you head to head with that team. This mode lets you play with up two four players. Which is a huge selling point because it is quick and easy fun. However, I have one annoyance about this mode. There is no acknowledgment of the game you have played. As soon as the game is done it sends you straight back to the start, there is nothing saying “You won” or just acknowledging that you have played a game. This has meant that this mode has not been my mode of choice because it feels like I’m not accomplishing anything.

The beef of the Content however is in World Cup mode. This is exactly what you would think it would be. Every team and one winner. This is so much fun. However, disclaimer I’m rubbish at the game and never won. But playing it was truly fun.

That’s one thing to note about this game. This game is hard. Its not simple. Be prepared to lose and shout at you’re Switch Screen.


The Verdict.

As you can tell from the review I have mixed feelings for this game. Some aspects of it shines and other parts of it falls short. As stated at the start Atooi has made some excellent games and they should be commended. And that’s why it’s in my opinion if you have yet to try their other games I would suggest going there first. But I would also not tell anyone not to get this game because at times its really fun and I can see it being right up some people’s street. For £8.99($9.99) I would give this game a Maybe score.


Q4P Pass or Play: Maybe


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Action Packed Zombie Horror – Garage Review

Get ready to run, shoot, and survive in this top-down zombie horror! Lets blast into the Garage Review!

Garage Review
The action in Garage will get your blood pumping as you shoot and run through zombie hoards.

Garage Get Out Alive

Garage is a top-down horror game similar to games like Hotline Miami and Grand Theft Auto(PS1). It is releasing on Nintendo Switch first, then later moving onto other consoles. The game focuses on the character Butch, who finds himself in a zombie-infested warzone. In the beginning, you are trying to figure out what is going on as you search for a weapon after coming across flesh-eating zombies. As you make your way through the first few chapters of the game you come across a ringing telephone. Out of curiosity, you answer it, and this is when you meet Anaconda. Anaconda is trying to reach her zombie slaying team. She is somewhat disappointed in you answering her call but decides to bring you on to the team and tasks you with rescuing her.

Top Down Horror

The controls in Garage are great. The character movement is smooth and aiming and shooting weapons is easy. Something that puts Garage above the rest is the ability to run backward as you mow over zombies. This control is an excellent option as you find yourself having to avoid the fast-moving undead cadavers. Ammo is never scarce which is very welcoming in a horror game. You will never find yourself up against the undead without a healthy amount of bullets. As you progress in the story, you will find new and improved weapons to add to your zombie slaying arsenal. Along with the undead you will also be pitted against gruesome bosses. One of the bosses that caught my attention was a human centipede like mutation. This fight is where being able to run and gun backward really came in handy.

Garage two headed dog
The creature designs are phenomenal

Blood Guts and Gore

The graphics in Garage are simple yet satisfying. The top-down style limits what can be done with characters but Tiny Build does a great job of making characters stand out in Grage. Enemies are easy to tell apart from other characters, such as the soldiers. But the best part of the game is the sheer gore. Blasting zombies and seeing them pile up is simply satisfying and helps intensify the creepy nature of the world in Garage. Fans of the horror genre will appreciate the work that went into making the graphics in Garage stand out.

Final Thoughts

Garage is well paced and addicting. The game saves often which makes dying less painful. The frequent saves make Garage easy to pick up and play for shorter periods of time, making it a great title for the Nintendo Switch. The game can be difficult but keeps you progressing, though doesn’t try to stump you with unnecessary difficulty. The story is interesting and breaks up the intense gameplay with some comic relief. Garage is great at getting to you when you are least expecting it. It will scare the hell out of you. Jump scares are used perfectly in Garage and actually add to the gameplay by making you plan your movement. You never know when a flesh-eating cadaver will blast out to devour you! In the end, Garage is one of the best horror games I’ve played!

Reviewed By Sheldon Benedict


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Timberman VS Review [Nintendo Switch]


Timberman VS Packs-a-Punch

When I first got my hands upon Timberman VS I thought that it was going to be a game which you play once and never pick up again. However, the opposite is true. The game is simple but hilariously so much fun. Its packed with a ton of features that you wouldn’t expect from a game of this level. It has multiple unlockable characters that are fun to unlock as you go along.

Trio Modes

Timberman VS has three modes which all share the same core gameplay. The core gameplay is that you’re a lumberjack and there’s a tree. Chop Chop Chop and avoid the branches. As you chop the first layer disappears and the tree falls down a layer bringing those deadly branches towards you. So you have to keep switching sides as not to get hit. The first mode is to get as far as you can as fast as you can. The second mode has you saving bird Eggs from the top of the tree. The first mode is an endless game where you can keep on going. Whereas the second is limited to a random set number of layers and if you manage to reach the Eggs and rescues them you get bonus experience.

Experience Points.

You gain experience by playing the game and ether getting higher and higher up the tree or by saving the Eggs in the second mode. Each time you level up you unlock a new character which is fun because it means that’s there is always a goal to achieve which adds to the fun.

Multiplayer Madness

A hidden gem of Timberman VS is the multiplayer. This is the third mode and it pits you and three of your friends to cut a set number of a layered tree as fast as you can. We had a blast trying to beat each other and was hilariously good fun which I cannot believe is only on the E-shop for £1.49($1.99) this game is a MUST BUY. This isn’t one of those games you can pass by in this humble reviewer’s opinion. (Also my Highest score is 769, if you beat it screenshot it)


Play or Pass?


Reviewed by: Joey Splats

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