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Pokémon for Nintendo Switch

Pokémon for Nintendo switch could be revealed soonpokemonnintendoswitch

Pokémon for Nintendo switch could be revealed as soon as April 26 2018, Nintendo is set to have it’s next investors meets on the 26th of April. I know it is only a investment meeting but, Nintendo has had a history of announcing big games, around there investment meetings.

Some bigger titles that have been revealed around the investor meetings are. Animal crossing new leaf, Brain age 3, the legend of Zeldad: A Link between worlds, Mario party Island tour, and Yoshi’s new island. In 2014 Nintendo announced Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire in a direct just before the investors meeting, and lets not forget the most recent major announcement to come from the investors meeting . The Nintendo switch itself.

Pokemon  for Nintendo switch, is the game everyone wants

Pokemon for Nintendo switch is the game everyone wants. It is also the game that could help Nintendo reach that 20,000,000 Nintendo switch’s sold this year. pokemon sells well on any Nintendo system it is released on. Pokémon for Nintendo switch could easily sell 16,000,000 copies world wide. That would be the same sales numbers pokemon Sun and Moon saw world wide.


Nintendo at E3 2018: What I Would Like To See

Nintendo at E3


This year at E3 I believe Nintendo has to bring there A game. The primary thing Nintendo has to address at E3 is the online service and the virtual console. Nintendo has kept us all in the dark for far too long, to the point where many people are starting to worry about how great it will be. We have all heard rumors of the NES and SNES game they are working on with leaderboards and online co-op, but will that be enough when we are seeing XBOX coming out with game pass, and you know they are going to have some more big announcements for the service come E3.

With the online service will we see things that we have all become accustomed to with the other consoles? Significant issues are stability and cloud saves in my opinion, a close second to that is, will we see the streaming feature that was stumbled across in rocket leagues new update with the ability to broadcast to twitch.



But what about the games GAMESGAMESGAMES

Another concern for me is what games will they bring to E3. So far the only game that we know from big N is the new Smash Bros game. At least that is the only one anyone wants to think about. Nintendo will be showing Smash off in an invite-only tournament, that is great and all but we need to see more because you know Sony will be showing off more of Spiderman, last of us and Detroit, three highly anticipated games.  I think Nintendo will have something more from Metroid to show us at E3. Will we possibly see the game that Retro Studios are working on?


Swing for the fences


I believe that 2018 is Nintendo’s to lose. We all know they can take E3 by storm with just one game. I want to see Nintendo do something different and blow everyone’s mind; I want to see them bring out there very own M rated game. What that looks like I’m not sure, let’s see them be creative and wow us all. What are your thought on Nintendo at E3? Let me know in the comment section down below, also if you like this write-up, share with a friend!

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