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Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch

Tetris 99 game play

Can you survive

Tetris 99 is the newest installment of this iconic gaming franchise. Tetris has a way of leading the puzzle genre of gaming, from the first VR puzzle game to now the first Battle Royal puzzle game. This installment Tetris puts you up against 98 other players, for a total of 99 players in a room. Tetris 99 is only available to customers of the Nintendo Switch online service, and it’s free. I have been barley able to pull myself away from Tetris long enough to write this up. From the hour I have played I have not waited longer then 30 seconds to get in to a match, and I have not experienced any lag or slow down, I have also never been disconnected or booted out of a game. If you are a fan of puzzle games this is defiantly for you. Also this is a great perk for Nintendo Switch online customers.

Crowdfire App: Our Social Assistant


What is Crowdfire?

Imagine an app that doesn’t forget to post a tweet when you go live on a stream, post a new article, or upload a new video. Crowdfire does just that. This is an extremely useful app that we found when we started Quest 4 PIxels. Social media is an integral part of getting your content out in the wild for others to find. But sometimes it can slip your mind to tweet out your brand new article or share a new photo on your social media accounts. This is where Crowdfire comes in. The app will let you schedule posts, reminds you to share that photo, or prompts you to post when you go live on a stream. But this isn’t all this app can do. Alongside posting for you, it also helps you find new like-minded people to connect with. It also shows you accounts that are talking about a certain keyword and shows you active and non-active followers. All of this helps you optimize your social media to help boost your presence around the web.


How We Use The App

We use Crowdfire every day in many different ways. It helps us find articles that we want to post about, that are relevant to gaming media. From within the app, you can select multiple articles that you want to post, and Crowdfire lines up the posts and releases them at the best time for your audience. It also allows us to search users that are like minded and helps us connect with those individuals. Connecting with more people can make a huge difference in getting you content spotted by others. We also use the app to post whenever we go live on our Twitch channel or Youtube channel. This is handy and never lets you forget to tell everyone that you are live. Crowdfire also helps us connect with those who have followed us by showing our recent followers.

social media app

Try Crowdfire Today

Crowdfire has been a helpful little assistant for Quest 4 Pixels and has optimized the way we use social media. The best part about it is that the app is free. You can download it today and start completely for free. The free version of the app has everything you need to get yourself out there and noticed. Crowd fire is available on both the iPhone app store as well as the Android app store. Once you download it the set up is simple, all you have to do is link your accounts and Crowdfire will walk you through the rest. Every day you will get a notification to check out your posts, as well as an email once a month to show you how much you have grown. I wouldn’t be writing this if I truly didn’t like the service. I feel that this can help you with your social media accounts too. In conclusion, if you are creating content, then you need a way to get that content out there for the world to see and Crowdfire can help you do that! Check it out here.

What Is Quest 4 Pixels?

How It Started, And Where It’s Going

Quest 4 Pixels started out as a gaming Podcast with a Nintendo Focus. From that, it grew into an all-around gaming media brand. Quest 4 Pixels is made up of two guys, Sheldon and Tony. We stream to youtube and twitch daily, with weekends being our scheduled play time involving our community. Fridays Saturdays and Sundays are our Doom, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, and Splatoon 2 days. These games have helped us grow our community and continues to bring new views into the community. Weekdays are our experimenting days where we play games from our libraries to see what stick. We are dedicated to bringing the best content that we can to our viewers. On Youtube we are focusing on making two video series, “Better Late Than Never” which will focus on games that have had huge hype and large followings that we haven’t played, and “Quest 4 Pixels show and tell” Which is a video series that involves our community and other Gaming personalities to show of pieces from their gaming collections. As we continue to grow, our content continues to improve.WHDQ-514022451