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What Is Quest 4 Pixels?


Quest 4 Pixels Conversations is the playground conversation you never knew you missed!  Quest 4 Pixels was founded by Tony Baker and Sheldon Benedict. Later, they were joined by Mike BC.  Quest 4 Pixels started as a podcast with a Nintendo slant but has grown into a thriving community of video game enthusiasts.  Come and join the conversation on Twitter @Quest4Pixels or on Facebook at Quest 4 Pixels to stay up to date on all things Q4P!

The Q4P Wiik: Streams almost daily at or

Mondays – Thursdays

You can find Q4P playing different games that interest them with one night a week set aside for recording Quest 4 Pixels Conversations.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Join us for Splaturday Nights with Splatoon 2!


Mario Kart Tournament starts at 9pm MST!

Pixels In Process: Projects to keep an eye out for

  • Better Late than Never is a video series that will highlight games that received a lot of hype and adulation… that we missed.  
  • Q4P Show and Tell will be a collaboration with our community and other gaming personalities.  Guests will be invited to show off items from their collections of games and gaming paraphernalia.  

Your Hosts

Tony Baker @TonyBaker87

After Tony bested his father in a riveting game of Super Mario Bros on the NES at the ripe ol’ age of 2, he was hooked. Gaming had him by the hojos and still hasn’t let go to this day. As a frequent traveller to Japan, he tries to look at the gaming industry from a global viewpoint. His love for 90s movies, tv and cartoons made him into a byproduct of pop culture, thus creating the monster he is today. The Super Nintendo is his all time favorite console. Aside from his obvious love of Nintendo, he is also fluent in Playstation, Xbox, and PC gaming

Sheldon Benedict @Nintenshel


Sheldon has enjoyed video games  from a young age, especially Nintendo games. At age 6, he conquered Super Mario World on Super Nintendo. That is all it took for Sheldon to get hooked. Since then, he has been a Nintendo fan.  He also enjoys other ways to game.. He has owned consoles from each major gaming competitor, including the now software only company, Sega. Sheldon enjoys strolls through Hyrule field, trips to Cheep Cheep Beach, and paintballing with the inklings over in Inkopolis. Some of his favorite games are; Super Mario World, Resident Evil 4, Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda series, and Mario Kart Double Dash, which is definitely a 9 not a 7.9, Fran. He has the Master Sword and TriForce tattooed on his back… now that’s dedication! Apart from gaming, Sheldon has a wife and son whom he loves to spend time with. He also has a deep love of coffee!

Mike BC  @MikeBC1985


Do you hear it? The sound of singing fills the room.  As you walk closer to the sound, you begin to realize that a wild Mike BC has appeared.  Mike BC is characterized by his sudden and uncontrollable urges to break out into song like a broadway musical.  Apart from his music, he can also be found ministering in churches, or sitting around playing Nintendo.  Mike has had video games in his life for almost the entirety of it.  Mike has been playing a large variety of consoles starting back in his early childhood with the NES. He has owned consoles from Microsoft, Sony, Sega, and of course, Nintendo.  He even recently started playing some games on a gaming PC.  You may catch him binging Netflix or playing Magic The Gathering, but his home is consistently filled with sound of music and video games… and sometimes video game music.  He has written already for and is hopeful to expand beyond that in the days to come.  Quietly now, if you spook a wild Mike BC, you may have to wait a long time to see one again!


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