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Reviewing A Normal Lost Phone I picked up at the bus stop?

By Sodamancer



Finding A Normal Lost Phone

The other day, I found a normal lost phone at the bus stop. I was on my way home from the library in town. When I had to switch buses by the community college, I noticed a normal lost phone on the bench. I picked it up, and oddly enough, the screen lit up as did I. Surprisingly, it wasn’t locked! It was serendipitous that the phone was prompting me to sign into WiFi at that moment.

Please understand, I’m a very nice person. I am respectful of other’s privacy, but what if the phone could help me figure out who it belonged to, and how to get it back to them?


Looking for Clues

As I started to check their most recent text messages, I noticed that it was their birthday! What a horrible day to lose your phone! Anyways, further digging revealed that the owner of the phone hadn’t responded to anyone recently. So I had to read a little more to come up with some context.

This person had messages from quite a few people. Most of it was what you’d expect- well wishing friends and family members, a few random exchanges about board games, clubs, and book clubs. One message from the owner’s cousin even helped me figure out the WiFi password. Now I could hop online and check their emails. I know that it wasn’t the right thing to do. I couldn’t help it! it was thrilling to be looking through a stranger’s phone. I enjoyed reading their conversations with people. I was getting pieces of information that led me to find other text strings. It all helped me better understand the situation. There was even an interesting bit about an unfortunate incident at a party. I got to see both sides of the same incident.

Getting Nosey!

It was like I was listening to the latest juicy gossip, and it was about all of these people that I have never met! Of course, I did know some people that were just like these others, and I started to mentally cast them in these roles.

Then, my digging pointed me towards a dating app that was on the phone. There were two profiles which I found…interesting. Now, I needed to dig further into the phone and it’s messages and emails to try to ascertain the passwords for these accounts. I found them, eventually, but it wasn’t the most obvious stuff. I found clues that helped me, which seemed rather out of place. There was a little ramble from one of the phone owner’s trusted friends that told me a bit about the owner’s personality.

Finding the Owner

After I got home from my bus ride, I had the distinct feeling that I would have my answer for how the phone became lost. Now I had several people that I could contact so that it could be returned to it’s owner.  I did, and while the experience was oddly satisfying, I didn’t really feel the compulsion to ever need to snoop around another person’s phone to figure out their secrets again.

Thankfully, the owner had some decent tunes. Shuffling the music was satisfying.  I got caught up in the microcosm of the universe. It was very moody and full of angst, but what else do we expect from an eighteen year old?


Play or Pass?

A Normal Lost Phone is an opportunity for the budding detective in you to puzzle through some clues. It also helps satisfy that weird voyeuristic side in all of us. However, once you have discovered why the phone is lost, and who lost it, you don’t need to go back to it again. So, I wouldn’t recommend picking it up on the Nintendo Switch. It’s twice as much as it would be on mobile, and I’m sure that the immersion is much more complete on an actual phone.


A Normal Lost Phone for Nintendo Switch – PASS


Soda Fountain’s Arcade 

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Super Lucky’s Tale Review


By: Joel Brooks aka Falcon


The Unlucky Tale of a Fox Named Lucky

I have a confession to make. It has been a little over two weeks since I have touched my Switch. I know, I know, let me explain. This started with a huge marketing campaign by Xbox for Game Pass, a monthly subscription to over one hundred Xbox titles. For the low price of $11.99 CND ($9.99 USD) I decided to give it a shot.

There are some amazing games on Game Pass! One that has me really hooked is Super Lucky’s Tale. Now, if you have heard about this game, you might be thinking, “you’re hooked on this mediocre 3D platformer?” Yes, and let me give you my thoughts on why I think it reviewed poorly! Super Lucky’s Tale was released on November 7, 2017, just 11 days after Super Mario Odyssey. This unlucky fox… named Lucky… fell victim to the Mario effect.  Let’s take another look at this cute little fox named Lucky outside of the massive shadow that Mario cast.


The Adventure Begins


Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platformer that has a lot of the problems that affect all 3D platformers, but the charm and art style of this game makes it easy to overlook the game’s shortcomings. If you’re looking for a super challenging game play and tight platforming, this may not be the game for you. In Super Lucky’s Tale, there are a variety of tasks to complete in each level. The game is a very enjoyable experience. What I enjoy most about this game is that it’s the perfect introduction to 3D platformers. I enjoyed seeing my son experience this game genre for the first time.


New Life on Game Pass


After my time with Super Lucky’s Tale, what do I have to say and think about it? I enjoyed how welcoming this game was and how easy it was for anyone to play no matter the skill level. Another great thing that this game has going for it is that it’s included with Game Pass. In the end, Lucky wasn’t so lucky when it first came out. Game Pass makes me believe Lucky will find new life and win the hearts of Xbox fans.

Nintendo Family (Falcon) Gaming

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