Nintendo switch online reveal coming early May

Nintendo switch online details coming early May

Nintendo switch online details emerged late last week when Nintendo had its annual share holders meeting. Lots of details were given about how many Nintendo switches were sold. There were even detailed outlines of how much software was sold. One of the biggest takeaways for myself was, the talk about Nintendo switch online services.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said in a Q&A. That more details would come early May. Kimishima also said “Nintendo has ideas on how to make the service appealing when it goes live in September” and that the next announcement will be worth the wait.

What we know

What we know so far about the service is that. It will be around 20-30 dollars a year. There will also be classic Nintendo titles with added features like. Online play and leader boards. If you want to play online you will need this service. Until more is announced we will just have to hold tight and hope for the best.

More details about online services


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