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Games with Gold

Games with Gold for August

Up first for the Xbox one available August 1 is Forza horizon 2 then on August 16 the awesome siege sword fighting game For Honor will be available.

For the Xbox360 on August 1 will be Dead Space 3. I haven’t played any of the Dead Space games so I’m looking forward to this one the most. Lastly on August 16 Epic Mikey 2 will be available.

All of these titles are a free download as long as you have a current subscription to Xbox live Gold. Over all I feel like this is a really good month for games with gold.

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Incoming Nintendo Direct

Incoming Nintendo direct

Most Nintendo fans after this year’s E3 were left with mixed emotions. Smash Bros was the game that got the most stage time. For people who don’t enjoy the Smash franchise was there enough for them to look forward to. I have some good news for them. I have a strong feeling that there will be a Nintendo direct in the first half of September. The last two years Nintendo has had a direct in September. In 2016 there was one on the 1st of September. Then in 2017 there was another Nintendo direct on the 13th of September. Nintendo really likes this time slot to give themselves a big boost before the holiday season. Also during the tree house we were assured that Nintendo has lots more surprises before the end of the year.

Paladins Champions of the Realm

Paladins coming to Nintendo Switch

Paladins Champions of the Realm is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Starting June 12 you will be able to purchase Paladins founder pack to have early access. The free to play version will be releasing later this summer. The game will run at a silky smooth 60FPS in hand held and docked mode. You will get the exact same experience in docked and hand held. This news was most likely to be announced at E3. After images were leaked Hi-Rez was forced to get out a head of the news and announce the Nintendo Switch version ahead of schedule.

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Konami and Nintendo E3 2018

Konami at E3 2018


Konami at E3 2018 will bring two Nintendo Switch titles. one is simply listed as a action/adventure game. The second  game is listed as a compilation. This is exciting because the only support Konami has shown the Nintendo Switch was Bomberman R. I for one hope they bring the three main Metal Gear Solid games to the Nintendo Switch. those main games are a blast and would be fun to relive the stories of them on the go. As for the action adventure game it would be awesome to get a new Castlevania.


It would be really nice for Castlevania to come back home where it made it’s name.

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Splatoon 2 update

Splatoon 2 new weapon sets

As of June 1 2018 there are some new additions in Splatoon 2. Four new weapon sets wear added as well as a new stage.


We have received a new variation of the Rapid Blaster. It’s sub weapon is a splash wall and has ink armor as its special.


We are treated to my favorite set of dualies in the game. This time they are paired with a splat bomb and a ink storm.


I’m not going to lie this one right here is the set I’m least excited to use. A new undercover sorella brella. You will be using a splat bomb and the baller.


This is the set that I am most interested in using. This carbon roller comes with burst bombs and a new special autobomb launcher.

Wahoo world

wahoo world

Wahoo world is the new map this time around. It looks like a awesome board walk complete with fair rides. I’m looking forward to playing some ranked matched on this stage.

Well those are all of the new additions added to Splatoon 2. This could be the last update before we get the octoling DLC.


Shocking Splatoon 2 news

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Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go who will you choose


Late last night the Pokemon company unveiled to the world the Pokemon Let’s Go series. You will have the ability to choose Pikachu or Eevee depending upon what version of the game you choose. Pikachu and Eevee will be your main companion while traveling through Kanto, as you play through the Pokemon Yellow story.


Pikachu and Eevee won’t be the only pokemon able to follow you around, you will be able to choose a partner pokemon just like in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Let’s Go uses some other features you will find in Pokemon Go. How you capture Pokemon and also how you encounter pokemon, will also mimic Pokemon Go.





You will no Longer have to worry about knocking out that wild Pokemon you have been chasing after because, you will not be battling with wild Pokemon. You will still be able to use your Pokemon to battle trainers just like in the main line series of the games. Battling has been reworked and looks more like a Pokemon stadium style of game play, complete with actual animations of your Pokemon’s moves.

Take the fun with you


One of the coolest things about this new series of Pokemon games is. How many ways you can take the fun with you. The Pokeball plus is a amazing creation and it has my inner 12 year old self going crazy. Not only can you use the Pokeball plus as a controller. You can also use it like the original Go plus. You can use this Pokeball to transfer Pokemon from your Let’s go game to your Pokemon Go game. When you move the Pokemon back to the Let’s Go game you will find some awesome surprises your Pokemon will bring back with them.


Play together


The best feature of these new Let’s Go series of games is. How you will be able to play through the story and explore this world with a friend. They will help you capture Pokemon, and will also battle beside you in trainer battles.

Over all this is a huge home run for the Pokemon company.  I can not wait to get my hands on these games and just get lost in the world of Pokemon.pokemon



More Pokémon hype

Build-a-bear with a teaser

Looks like build-a-bear is getting in on the Pokémon hype train. With rumours running wild on the internet about a pending Pokémon direct. Build-a-bear drops this tweet today. What could it all mean. I for one love the Pokémon stuffies that I have bought from Build-a-bear. What stands out most to me is that Build-a-bear gives a date May 31. Stay tuned and let’s enjoy this crazy ride.