Nintendo Switch online details

Nintendo Switch online revealed

Today Nintendo switch online was revealed. After much speculation Nintendo revealed a small glimpse of what there paid online service will bring.


The first major confirmation was the price coming in at $19.99 for a year what a steal of a deal. There was also another price point introduced along side of this one. Nintendo rolled out a family membership coming in at $34.99

NES classic games

Part of this paid service will includes classics NES games with a awesome twist. All of the NES games included in this service will be given online features. Some with co-op others with shared screens. There will also be player vs player action available as well. The best part will be is that you can play with or against your friends from the comfort of your home. The first ten games announced were.

• Soccer

• Tennis

• Donkey Kong™

• Mario Bros.™

• Super Mario Bros.™

• Balloon Fight™

• Ice Climber™

• Dr. Mario™

• The Legend of Zelda™

• Super Mario Bros.™ 3

There will be ten more titles announced at the launch of the service in September. There is one more thing, all of these NES classic games will be playable offline as well.

What are your thoughts of this paid let us know in the comment section below.

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Ep.31 (The Box Factory W/ Sean Capri)

Nintendo E3 Predictions

E3 2018 is a little over a month away, its time we make some Nintendo E3 predictions! This week Tony and Sheldon are joined by Mr. Sean Capri from Make us Better to discuss our thoughts on Nintendo at E3. We each make our predictions and break them down and discuss what we feel will really happen, as well as our pipe dreams. Ha, Nintendo, Pipes, Mario. Join us this week as we dive into our Nintendo e# predictions for 2018!

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Nintendo at E3 2018: What I Would Like To See

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splatfest results

Raph vs Leo Splatfest results


Raph vs Leo Splatfest results are in, and a surprise victory from team Raph is the end of another great splatfest. Team Leo may have had the popular vote but, Team Raph showed there superior turf war skills and took the Solo and Team portion of the Splatfest. After every Splatfest it is fun to talk about the great times we had playing with the whole community together. It also leaves somethings to be desired from Nintendo and from Splatoon 2.

What a great version of Shifty station


First off what a great version of shift station. Second yes we have played this version before. This version is the same one from the Flight vs Invisibility Splatfest. My favorite part of this shifty station is how small the map is. With a small map it means a lot more up close battles. This type of map also dose not allow you to lay back and hold a lead. Even if you have a lead.  The match can shift very easily and you could lose the match in the last 30 seconds if your not careful.

Let us play together


My biggest compliant about every Splatfest is the options we have to play with our friends. the only two options we have now are to play by ourselves. the other being playing with a full team of four. Why are we not able to play with just one of our friends and fill the rest with random players. Why can’t I just play with two friend and have the last spot filled randomly, I don’t know how many hours I waited to find a full squad to play with. I’m not sure if it’s because Nintendo’s online servers can’t handle that many options. I hope this is something that can be changed in the future when we start to pay for online. This is one of the biggest problems in my opinion.

Check out what the Splatoon 2 3.0 update improved

Splatoon 2 3.0 update

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Timberman VS Review [Nintendo Switch]


Timberman VS Packs-a-Punch

When I first got my hands upon Timberman VS I thought that it was going to be a game which you play once and never pick up again. However, the opposite is true. The game is simple but hilariously so much fun. Its packed with a ton of features that you wouldn’t expect from a game of this level. It has multiple unlockable characters that are fun to unlock as you go along.

Trio Modes

Timberman VS has three modes which all share the same core gameplay. The core gameplay is that you’re a lumberjack and there’s a tree. Chop Chop Chop and avoid the branches. As you chop the first layer disappears and the tree falls down a layer bringing those deadly branches towards you. So you have to keep switching sides as not to get hit. The first mode is to get as far as you can as fast as you can. The second mode has you saving bird Eggs from the top of the tree. The first mode is an endless game where you can keep on going. Whereas the second is limited to a random set number of layers and if you manage to reach the Eggs and rescues them you get bonus experience.

Experience Points.

You gain experience by playing the game and ether getting higher and higher up the tree or by saving the Eggs in the second mode. Each time you level up you unlock a new character which is fun because it means that’s there is always a goal to achieve which adds to the fun.

Multiplayer Madness

A hidden gem of Timberman VS is the multiplayer. This is the third mode and it pits you and three of your friends to cut a set number of a layered tree as fast as you can. We had a blast trying to beat each other and was hilariously good fun which I cannot believe is only on the E-shop for £1.49($1.99) this game is a MUST BUY. This isn’t one of those games you can pass by in this humble reviewer’s opinion. (Also my Highest score is 769, if you beat it screenshot it)


Play or Pass?


Reviewed by: Joey Splats

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3DS will live on

Nintendo 3DS Will Continue On

In a Q&A session for shareholders after Nintendo’s business meet. Current president Tatsumi Kimishima and the new president Shuntaro Furukawa were asked about the future of the 3DS. Mr. Kimishima has this to say about the 3DS.

“[The 3DS] has an ample software lineup at a price point that makes the system affordable especially for parents looking to buy for their kids. We expect that demand to continue during this fiscal year as well, so we will continue to sell the product”

Mr. Kimishima went on to talk about how the Nintendo Switch sales could impact the future of the Nintendo 3DS.

“Given that Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system that can be taken on the go, this situation may change if it grows from being a one-per-household system to a one-per-person system. But the price of Nintendo Switch is not something with which most parents would buy a system for every one of their children in a short period of time. Moving forward, we will work to ascertain what kinds of play people want at which price points, and as long as there is such demand, we will continue to sell the Nintendo 3DS system. I see the product coexisting with Nintendo Switch at this point in time.”


It seems that this great hand held in the 3DS is here to stay for the near future.

Nintendo switch online detail

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Battlefield 1 first DLC is free for Xbox one and PC

Battlefield 1 first DLC pack is free

If your playing Battlefield 1 on Xbox or PC your in luck. EA/DICE are giving away Battlefield 1 first DLC pack away for free. The only catch is that you need to be an Xbox or PC player. Sorry Sony no free stuff for  you.

They shall not pass was Battlefield 1 first of four DLC packs offered for Battlefield 1. In this DLC you will get access to.

Four new maps, the Trench Raider elite class, six unlockable weapons, two additional Operations and the Frontlines mode.

You can download this free DLC for Battlefield 1 by going to the Xbox marketplace and through origin on the PC.

From now till June DICE will be focusing on long-term balancing of Battlefield 1 before there all-new game mode Shock operations is live. This mode will give access to five maps currently unavailable unless you have premium DLC pass. Those maps will only be available in Shock operations game mode

Maria The Witch Review

Maria the Witch is a game by Naps Team. It grabs your attention by its cute graphics which look amazing and right at home on the Nintendo Switch! Let’s get to the review!

Maria The Witch

The game’s premise is that you control Maria’s Broom and try and get to the end of the stages. The story behind the game is that an Evil Monster has stolen all the mail and it’s your Job to try and get all the mail back! You do this by collecting coins and mail and reaching checkpoints where you can deliver the mail and buy unlockables. In each stage, there are different tasks that you can have to do achieve to be able to get all three stars per level.

Marina the Witch

Controls are a Mess! Luckily Maria Has a Broom

This is where the game starts to have its flaws, not within its premise but within its controls. I cannot adequately explain the controls because they are so unnatural. So, you move the broom forward by tapping the A button or Y button if you are going left on its 2D plane. Or you press the buttons for longer you start to turn upwards and this is where the problem lies. The controls are terribly frustrating to use, and you need the patience to learn the controls adequately. Later on in the game, this becomes a huge problem later on in the game where there need to be precise movements.

Should it have stayed on Mobile?

This game is one of the many games that are starting to appear on the mobile. Some say that these types of games are a senseless cash grab. However, I feel like this game fits the Nintendo Switch really well with its cute design and if you are prepared to master the controls then the game is great. The game is only £4.49 ($4.99) and right now it’s on sale for half price! So, if you were ever to get the game it would be now. This game just scrapes into the Pass Category.

Review by Joey Splats – Q4P Editor

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