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Orzly Grip Case For Nintendo Switch Review

By Joel AKA Falcon

Am I Getting Old ?

It’s time to admit that I think I’m getting old. That is, I’m getting old in gaming years. It’s not a secret that I love my Switch. It fits my lifestyle perfectly. Having a full work schedule, and a busy family with three kids, being able to play all my favourite games on the go is a Godsend. Let me paint a picture for you. There I am, 30 minutes into playing Mario Kart 8 deluxe and it hits me: the dreaded hand numbness. I try and struggle through it, but in the end, I succumb to it’s effects and put down the Switch. If only there were something I could use to prevent this from happening, so I could enjoy longer gaming sessions.

One Tweet Changes the Game

One day, while surfing through my twitter feed, I came across a tweet from Jools Watsham. He was tweeting about an awesome case for Nintendo Switch called the Orzly Grip Case. After a quick search on Amazon, I decided I needed this Switch grip case. I was confident in this case because I have bought products from Orzly in the past. They made my tempered glass screen protector. Fast forward three weeks. Yes, that’s how long it took to arrive from London, England. Come on, Amazon!

What’s in the Box?

I was immediately satisfied pulling the case out of the package.  It was a quality single piece of plastic that simply fit onto the case. It was easy to bend and flex, making it easy to put on the Switch. After putting the case on my Switch, I was blown away by how natural the case made the Switch fit in my hands. In addition, the Orzly Grip Case makes the Switch feel solid. Before, the joycon controllers would bend too much in handheld mode. That feeling doesn’t happen anymore thanks to the Orzly Grip Case.

This case fits very snug on the Switch but, it is also very easy to put on and take off. Doing so, the case doesn’t lose its fit, like other cases. The case allows for easy access to the volume buttons, cart slot, headphone jack, charging port, the fan vents are completely open, and you can use the kickstand with the case on. I feel like the case makes the Switch more sturdy when using the kickstand in tabletop mode. I have been using this case for the past three weeks and have had no issues with it. My only problem with this case is that I wish it could be left on when the Switch is docked.

Get a Grip… The Orzly Grip Case!

In the end, the only thing I can say is that, if you have a Switch and like to play in handheld mode, especially at the amazing price point of $17.49 CND ($13.88 USD). The Orzly Grip Case is a must have. You can buy it here on Amazon!

But Wait! There’s More!

We here at Quest 4 Pixels Gaming have a Orzly Grip Case to give away. Entering the giveaway is simple, just follow Quest 4 Pixels and me on twitter, and retweet this review, which will be pinned, from the Q4P twitter account. Best of luck! The winner will be chosen at random on April 20.

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Review of Red Game Without a Great Name

By Joel aka The Falcon

Get in your cage

In Red Game Without a Great Name, by iFun4All, you play as a cyborg parrot, whose goal is to deliver the mail to the cage on the other side of the stage. Red game uses a completely touched based control system. There are only one of a handful like it on the Nintendo Eshop. The art style and music really stand out. The red background with the shadow silhouette in the foreground is a really interesting look. It reminds me of the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

Oh you have more mail for me ?

After the tenth stage of Red Game, I was left wanting more. Once you have been introduced to all of the mechanics of this game, it quickly becomes boring. Another issue I have with a pure touch screen experience, is that it is really hard to see where you’re going to move next because your hand is in the way. For instance there is a stage with barbed wire, where there are some tight spots which you are required to maneuver through, in a quick sequence of moves. It becomes difficult to have your hand blocking the area you’re moving into, while also very awkward to hold your switch in a way to use just the touch screen. In the future I would like to see games that are strictly touch based to have players hold the switch vertically to provide a more comfortable user experience.

Delivery time

At the end of the day, I would classify this game as a possible pick up. If you’re looking for a game, where you can just mellow out- this is it. This is not a game that you are going to play for hours at a time. This is more of a pick up, play a few levels and come back in a few days, then play some more.


Pass or Play?

Red Game Without a Name – Maybe?


Nintendo Family Gaming

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Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder. Devastated

paper wars quest 4 pixels
Have you ever found yourself just endlessly scrolling through the Nintendo Switch EShop,
not sure of what you’re looking for, or even what you want to play. You come acrossana icon
that looks like a picture a young child drew of a soldier. You keep going because you tell
yourself that looks childish. That’s where you are wrong. Paper wars for the Nintendo
Switch is a hidden gem, worth your time and affection.

Here they come

Paper war treats your eyes to a unique art style that looks like it was made out of notepad
sketches. After that you have the options of playing through three chapters made up of
twenty-eight mission each, you also have the option of playing a survival mode. After
jumping into a mission, you are tasked with holding the hordes of enemies off, by shooting at
them with your tank and using power-ups that appear on the battlefield.
Each mission begins with a short description of what needs to be accomplished. This is
really nice because it switches the gameplay up just enough to keep the game interesting.
Some missions might have you focus on only one type of enemy.You may also have to hold
your enemy off for a set period of time. For those of you who love achievements, there is a
medal system based on how efficient you are at completing missions. So this gives you
something to go back for, and also add replay value to this game.

Fire at will

paper wars battle
One of the greatest this about this game is that it utilizes the Switches touch screen. I found
the game a lot more enjoyable when using the touch controls. I also wanted to do a little
experiment with this game. My nine-year-old son really has no interest in video games. He
will play for a race or two of Mario Kart, but no more just enough to amuse his old man. He
does, however, love his Ipad, I said to him, hey give this new game a try, you can use it like
your Ipad, I then had a hard time getting my switch back because he was having a blast. I
really wish more developers would take advantage of this style of gameplay, so that more
people could enjoy the switch.

Man down

The one problem I had with paper wars was the type of text the developer used. I don’t know
if it is me getting old, but sometimes it took me a minute to figure out the text. They use
uppercase lowercase and backward letters at random.

cannon fodder paper wars

The final stand

At the end of the day, paper war is a hidden gem on the Nintendo EShop. With the amount of
content you get and the amount of replayability you will get out of it, this is a must-have
game, it’s great because you can easily knock out a mission or two while waiting in line at
the store, or riding the bus. There needs to be more games like paper wars that are
designed to be consumed in three to five-minute chunks.

By: Joel Brooks
Nintendo Family Gaming

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