Review of Red Game Without a Great Name

By Joel aka The Falcon

Get in your cage

In Red Game Without a Great Name, by iFun4All, you play as a cyborg parrot, whose goal is to deliver the mail to the cage on the other side of the stage. Red game uses a completely touched based control system. There are only one of a handful like it on the Nintendo Eshop. The art style and music really stand out. The red background with the shadow silhouette in the foreground is a really interesting look. It reminds me of the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

Oh you have more mail for me ?

After the tenth stage of Red Game, I was left wanting more. Once you have been introduced to all of the mechanics of this game, it quickly becomes boring. Another issue I have with a pure touch screen experience, is that it is really hard to see where you’re going to move next because your hand is in the way. For instance there is a stage with barbed wire, where there are some tight spots which you are required to maneuver through, in a quick sequence of moves. It becomes difficult to have your hand blocking the area you’re moving into, while also very awkward to hold your switch in a way to use just the touch screen. In the future I would like to see games that are strictly touch based to have players hold the switch vertically to provide a more comfortable user experience.

Delivery time

At the end of the day, I would classify this game as a possible pick up. If you’re looking for a game, where you can just mellow out- this is it. This is not a game that you are going to play for hours at a time. This is more of a pick up, play a few levels and come back in a few days, then play some more.


Pass or Play?

Red Game Without a Name – Maybe?


Nintendo Family Gaming

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