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Pokemon Rumours : Possible Direct in February?

Is this to good to be true?

If there was one thing the February Nintendo Direct left me wanting more of it was Pokémon. Fear not Pokémon fans we may be in luck, after a string of some cryptic tweets and some creative investigation work we may be in luck.

On February 14 @Junichi_Masuda (he is the composer, director, designer, producer, and programmer. On the Pokémon franchise.) Tweeted out a picture of a Weedle from Pokémon go. It seemed innocent enough, but then the super hardcore Pokémon fans did what they do best.

The Evidence

For the past few weeks people have been speculating, that the 8th gen of Pokémon will be titled King and Queen. A lot of the Pokémon community have dismissed this rumor until @Andrey_Arruda tweeted that same Weedle picture. He looked in to some of the numbers in the picture. First the CP was at 199, on the Pokédex that entry is SlowKing. Second the weight of the Pokémon is 4.16 kg, the Pokédex entry at 416 is Vespiquen. The picture also showed there were 226 candies, that was translated in to February 26. That date lines up with the date for the direct of Pokémon Sun and Moon back in 2016.

Could all of these coincidences be just that, coincidence. Or is there really something here only time will tell. What do you want to see from generation 8 Pokémon. Let us know in the comments down below. Also don’t forget to follow the twitter accounts from where I got this awesome information from.

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News Roundup Week of July 1


This week my guest is Marty Estes from Nintendo Dads! We discuss OPSkins getting the ban hammer, the upcoming Halo tv series, Sony’s *yawn* inability to play well with others, and is Google working on the next big gaming console? Also, is it just us, or did Waluigi get snubbed in the Smash fanfare? We’ll also tell you what gaming franchise we want to see more of, and what we wouldn’t cry any tears over seeing go away! 

Pokemon Quest – First Look

By Joey Splats


New Pokemon on the Way!

What a way to start the day! Three new Pokémon games announced for the Nintendo Switch and a full main RPG core title announced for next year. Here at Quest4Pixels, we will be talking a lot about these games in the coming days so for now let’s focus on Pokémon Quest the latest Pokémon game to hit the switch this morning.

This is just a  first look at the game, what the game is, how the game is played and whether or not you should download it. First off, everyone needs to download this game, I have 3 hours already under my belt because it’s so addicting.

Cubed Pokemon

The game is based on an island called Tumble cube Island. All the Pokémon on this island are from the Kanto region, and Yes they are all indeed cubed versions of the Pokémon.

The game lets you choose a partner Pokémon, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu or Eevee. I chose Pikachu. You use your Pokémon to face waves of Pokémon in ether 3-4 waves with a boss Pokémon on wave 4.

There is nothing new here in the core gameplay, lots of games have horde modes. What makes Pokémon Quest stand out is that you can customize a team of three Pokémon with all the Kanto Pokémon Quest, the catch, you must catch them all.  You do this by cooking nice treats in the cauldron in your base camp.

What to Expect

Your base is the main Hub for the game. Here you make meals which attract new Pokémon who become your friend and then can use in the main horde mode. Throughout the game, you unlock statues and other decorations that you use to decorate. You’re base, and some of them add benefits like leveling up faster.

Yes, Pokémon levels up like in the normal RPG games. However, there is also extra ways of strengthening your Pokémon charms. These add strength and HP to your Pokémon and the rarer ones even give you extra benefits like 5% critical hit chance.

A Final Word

A final word of warning. This is a mobile style game, which means it is free, but uses an in-game currency which you can buy more off through the Nintendo E-shop. However, this is not needed to play the game. I personally purchased the cheapest DLC called the expedition kit which for $5 gives you an extra cauldron some in-game currency and some decorations.


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Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go who will you choose


Late last night the Pokemon company unveiled to the world the Pokemon Let’s Go series. You will have the ability to choose Pikachu or Eevee depending upon what version of the game you choose. Pikachu and Eevee will be your main companion while traveling through Kanto, as you play through the Pokemon Yellow story.


Pikachu and Eevee won’t be the only pokemon able to follow you around, you will be able to choose a partner pokemon just like in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Let’s Go uses some other features you will find in Pokemon Go. How you capture Pokemon and also how you encounter pokemon, will also mimic Pokemon Go.





You will no Longer have to worry about knocking out that wild Pokemon you have been chasing after because, you will not be battling with wild Pokemon. You will still be able to use your Pokemon to battle trainers just like in the main line series of the games. Battling has been reworked and looks more like a Pokemon stadium style of game play, complete with actual animations of your Pokemon’s moves.

Take the fun with you


One of the coolest things about this new series of Pokemon games is. How many ways you can take the fun with you. The Pokeball plus is a amazing creation and it has my inner 12 year old self going crazy. Not only can you use the Pokeball plus as a controller. You can also use it like the original Go plus. You can use this Pokeball to transfer Pokemon from your Let’s go game to your Pokemon Go game. When you move the Pokemon back to the Let’s Go game you will find some awesome surprises your Pokemon will bring back with them.


Play together


The best feature of these new Let’s Go series of games is. How you will be able to play through the story and explore this world with a friend. They will help you capture Pokemon, and will also battle beside you in trainer battles.

Over all this is a huge home run for the Pokemon company.  I can not wait to get my hands on these games and just get lost in the world of Pokemon.pokemon



Pokemon Nintendo Switch


Register now for Pokemon Switch

You are now able to register your email here for Pokemon Nintendo Switch at the Nintendo UK site. For news on the up coming Pokemon Nintendo switch game. The site gives very few details about what to expect. Nintendo says you will be first to receive information on pre-orders, events, services, and products.

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