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Splatoon X Rank: What is It?

Splat News

If you’re like me your favourite part of this most recent Nintendo Direct was all the Splatoon 2
news. The news that got me most interested was the mysterious Splatoon X Rank. Well, some new
news about it has been revealed by Nintendo of Japan.

X Rank

You will reach X Rank after achieving S+10. Once you progress to the Splatoon X Rank you will be
measured by X power. Your X power will determine who you will be matched with and
players with the closest X power will be matched up. Your X power will be reset at the
beginning of each month, and at any time if your X power becomes to low you will be
bumped back down to S+ Rank.

SplatNet Features

During the month you will be able to view the top 500 X Rank players on the SplatNet app
you will also be able to see what weapon they use most.
One of the biggest changes will be to the map rotation, for the month there will be eight
maps rotated in the matchmaking.
What do you think about the changes and, dose the Splatoon X Rank Appeal to you?


By: Joel Brooks aka Falcon, Q4P Editor

Joel Brooks the Falcon

Nintendo Family Gaming

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Do You Really Want To Do That?


Do you really want to do that

After this past week of all the Nintendo direct rumors, and hearing that maybe Fortnite will
come and maybe Diablo 3 is in production, and if they can get PUBG to run on mobile why
can’t they do this on the Switch? Just because you can get a game to run on a console does
not mean it should come to console


I have to make that fit in what?

One of my issues with Fortnite and PUBG is playing these games on a controller. Those
games are meant to be played on PC. I have played both of these games on the XboxOne
and I had a great time with them. I never experienced and games were they crashed or any
other issues. Where I felt a discount from the games were the inventory system and in
fortnight also the building mechanics. They really felt like they slowed the game down a lot
using my controller. The problem I see is that with the keyboard and mouse you have so
many button inputs. That everything then becomes easier to navigate, also looking around
with the mouse makes things a lot faster than using the joystick. This makes aiming easier and
also picking up times and sifting through your inventory.

How can this work

How can this work? My suggestion is simple. Let’s use mouse and keyboard on our switch.
You might say no way, but it could happen. Look at the PS gold headphones as long as you’re
in dock mode you can use the Bluetooth dongle and use your PS golds. I’m sure it
wouldn’t be too much work to have the same with wireless mouse and keyboard. You might
say that mouse and keyboard could never happen on a Nintendo system. I assure you it

Nothing new

If you have been a lifelong Nintendo fan like myself, you will already know that it would be
nothing new for a Nintendo console to have a mouse and keyboard. On July 14, 1992
Nintendo put a game out by the name of Mario Paint. If you have never heard of this, it was
basically a paint program on your Nintendo that also has a music creator on it and you
controlled everything with a mouse. Fast forward some years to September 12, 2002
phantasy star online, this game was a multiplayer online role-playing game. The neat thing
about this is, Nintendo put out a full keyboard, just for this game. They split a GameCube
controller in half and put a full keyboard in between. So as Nintendo fans it isn’t out of the
realm of possibility to see this again.

Where do we go from here

At the end of the day, if any of these games come to the switch I will be more than happy to
play them. I just hope that they do not have cross play with PC players because it will be a
slaughter. Not that console gamers are worse the PC players. It’s that console players are
playing with a handicap, in the form of a controller.

By Joel Brooks, Q4P Editor

Nintendo Family Gaming

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Nintendo’s New Reward System: You call that a reward?

You call that a reward? Nintendo’s New Reward System


Don’t you ever get tired of hearing, back in my day, this is how it was. Well over the past
three days, that’s the argument that’s turning the Nintendo community against each other. If
you find yourself talking about this on social media tread lightly, it tends to turn south quickly.
That’s right I’m talking about the Nintendo’s new reward system.

But I deserve more

Hang on a second this may shock you. Nintendo owes you nothing. There I said it. If you
forgot, this is how it works. They make the games, we buy them, and after that Nintendo is
not obligated to provide us with anything else. Let’s take a look at a good example of this, 2K
studios and WWE2K18. They took our money and gave us a game that doesn’t even work,
2K is not obliged at all to fix this because the transaction is finished.

Yeah but…

Nintendo physical rewards

Well, Nintendo used to offer us cool physical rewards. This is true and yes it was awesome.
On the other hand, though I would hate to see how much money Nintendo lost in giving
those out. First, they had to make the product, and then ship the item. If your of the group
that says, well that’s fine it keeps us happy and in return makes us loyal to Nintendo. I would
say your not that loyal at all because you will go to the next company that provides you with
physical rewards. To continue to give the product away at a loss like that is no way to run a
company. I for one want to see Nintendo here for a long time so if it means making better
business choices then I’m all for it.

Back to reality

Here in the real world, when we move away from the gaming industry. A lot of the rewards
programs at our favourite retailers are a lot like this new Nintendo rewards program. Where
you get penny’s on the dollar on the cash you spend there.

How about an alternative

I for one would like Nintendo to follow a little closer to the movie industry. If you haven’t
bought a movie in a while this is what you get. You get the movie but you also get a
download code so you can install the movie on your favourite device. That option satisfies my
want for physical and also helps me with my laziness of not wanting to get up and change
switch carts.

Can you do it better


If you’re not happy with the new Nintendo’s new reward system share your ideas of an
alternative rewards system that is just as cost-efficient as there current mode down below in
the comments.

 By: Joel Brooks, Q4P Editor

Nintendo Family Gaming

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Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder. Devastated

paper wars quest 4 pixels
Have you ever found yourself just endlessly scrolling through the Nintendo Switch EShop,
not sure of what you’re looking for, or even what you want to play. You come acrossana icon
that looks like a picture a young child drew of a soldier. You keep going because you tell
yourself that looks childish. That’s where you are wrong. Paper wars for the Nintendo
Switch is a hidden gem, worth your time and affection.

Here they come

Paper war treats your eyes to a unique art style that looks like it was made out of notepad
sketches. After that you have the options of playing through three chapters made up of
twenty-eight mission each, you also have the option of playing a survival mode. After
jumping into a mission, you are tasked with holding the hordes of enemies off, by shooting at
them with your tank and using power-ups that appear on the battlefield.
Each mission begins with a short description of what needs to be accomplished. This is
really nice because it switches the gameplay up just enough to keep the game interesting.
Some missions might have you focus on only one type of enemy.You may also have to hold
your enemy off for a set period of time. For those of you who love achievements, there is a
medal system based on how efficient you are at completing missions. So this gives you
something to go back for, and also add replay value to this game.

Fire at will

paper wars battle
One of the greatest this about this game is that it utilizes the Switches touch screen. I found
the game a lot more enjoyable when using the touch controls. I also wanted to do a little
experiment with this game. My nine-year-old son really has no interest in video games. He
will play for a race or two of Mario Kart, but no more just enough to amuse his old man. He
does, however, love his Ipad, I said to him, hey give this new game a try, you can use it like
your Ipad, I then had a hard time getting my switch back because he was having a blast. I
really wish more developers would take advantage of this style of gameplay, so that more
people could enjoy the switch.

Man down

The one problem I had with paper wars was the type of text the developer used. I don’t know
if it is me getting old, but sometimes it took me a minute to figure out the text. They use
uppercase lowercase and backward letters at random.

cannon fodder paper wars

The final stand

At the end of the day, paper war is a hidden gem on the Nintendo EShop. With the amount of
content you get and the amount of replayability you will get out of it, this is a must-have
game, it’s great because you can easily knock out a mission or two while waiting in line at
the store, or riding the bus. There needs to be more games like paper wars that are
designed to be consumed in three to five-minute chunks.

By: Joel Brooks
Nintendo Family Gaming

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