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Nintendo’s New Reward System: You call that a reward?

You call that a reward? Nintendo’s New Reward System


Don’t you ever get tired of hearing, back in my day, this is how it was. Well over the past
three days, that’s the argument that’s turning the Nintendo community against each other. If
you find yourself talking about this on social media tread lightly, it tends to turn south quickly.
That’s right I’m talking about the Nintendo’s new reward system.

But I deserve more

Hang on a second this may shock you. Nintendo owes you nothing. There I said it. If you
forgot, this is how it works. They make the games, we buy them, and after that Nintendo is
not obligated to provide us with anything else. Let’s take a look at a good example of this, 2K
studios and WWE2K18. They took our money and gave us a game that doesn’t even work,
2K is not obliged at all to fix this because the transaction is finished.

Yeah but…

Nintendo physical rewards

Well, Nintendo used to offer us cool physical rewards. This is true and yes it was awesome.
On the other hand, though I would hate to see how much money Nintendo lost in giving
those out. First, they had to make the product, and then ship the item. If your of the group
that says, well that’s fine it keeps us happy and in return makes us loyal to Nintendo. I would
say your not that loyal at all because you will go to the next company that provides you with
physical rewards. To continue to give the product away at a loss like that is no way to run a
company. I for one want to see Nintendo here for a long time so if it means making better
business choices then I’m all for it.

Back to reality

Here in the real world, when we move away from the gaming industry. A lot of the rewards
programs at our favourite retailers are a lot like this new Nintendo rewards program. Where
you get penny’s on the dollar on the cash you spend there.

How about an alternative

I for one would like Nintendo to follow a little closer to the movie industry. If you haven’t
bought a movie in a while this is what you get. You get the movie but you also get a
download code so you can install the movie on your favourite device. That option satisfies my
want for physical and also helps me with my laziness of not wanting to get up and change
switch carts.

Can you do it better


If you’re not happy with the new Nintendo’s new reward system share your ideas of an
alternative rewards system that is just as cost-efficient as there current mode down below in
the comments.

 By: Joel Brooks, Q4P Editor

Nintendo Family Gaming

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