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Do You Really Want To Do That?


Do you really want to do that

After this past week of all the Nintendo direct rumors, and hearing that maybe Fortnite will
come and maybe Diablo 3 is in production, and if they can get PUBG to run on mobile why
can’t they do this on the Switch? Just because you can get a game to run on a console does
not mean it should come to console


I have to make that fit in what?

One of my issues with Fortnite and PUBG is playing these games on a controller. Those
games are meant to be played on PC. I have played both of these games on the XboxOne
and I had a great time with them. I never experienced and games were they crashed or any
other issues. Where I felt a discount from the games were the inventory system and in
fortnight also the building mechanics. They really felt like they slowed the game down a lot
using my controller. The problem I see is that with the keyboard and mouse you have so
many button inputs. That everything then becomes easier to navigate, also looking around
with the mouse makes things a lot faster than using the joystick. This makes aiming easier and
also picking up times and sifting through your inventory.

How can this work

How can this work? My suggestion is simple. Let’s use mouse and keyboard on our switch.
You might say no way, but it could happen. Look at the PS gold headphones as long as you’re
in dock mode you can use the Bluetooth dongle and use your PS golds. I’m sure it
wouldn’t be too much work to have the same with wireless mouse and keyboard. You might
say that mouse and keyboard could never happen on a Nintendo system. I assure you it

Nothing new

If you have been a lifelong Nintendo fan like myself, you will already know that it would be
nothing new for a Nintendo console to have a mouse and keyboard. On July 14, 1992
Nintendo put a game out by the name of Mario Paint. If you have never heard of this, it was
basically a paint program on your Nintendo that also has a music creator on it and you
controlled everything with a mouse. Fast forward some years to September 12, 2002
phantasy star online, this game was a multiplayer online role-playing game. The neat thing
about this is, Nintendo put out a full keyboard, just for this game. They split a GameCube
controller in half and put a full keyboard in between. So as Nintendo fans it isn’t out of the
realm of possibility to see this again.

Where do we go from here

At the end of the day, if any of these games come to the switch I will be more than happy to
play them. I just hope that they do not have cross play with PC players because it will be a
slaughter. Not that console gamers are worse the PC players. It’s that console players are
playing with a handicap, in the form of a controller.

By Joel Brooks, Q4P Editor

Nintendo Family Gaming

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