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State of Anarchy Master of Mayhem Review

By Joey Splats


State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem

Aliens, Guns, Burning, and a whole city to master await you. Absolute mayhem sums up this game. However, it does it in such a way that made me want to come back again and again to fight these aliens. Published by Sometimes You, the game is about destroying all the enemies in a city while upgrading yourself. There are 48 stages/missions that get increasingly more difficult as you progress. There is also a variety of weapons and upgrades to unlock which adds to the fun.

The Mayhem

The game drops you into a world that has a retro stick-man graphic style that works for this type of hectic game. You see a few enemies which you kill, and that’s the game. You see an enemy in the world, and you shoot. However, with different weapons and vehicles, it provides enough variety to keep the game fresh. The game offers a variety of stages that kept me interested. I was never bored! This game is challenging and does not hold back. To beat the game, you need to strategize and work your way around the bosses.  From the onset, the bosses get increasingly more difficult.

The bosses in Master of Mayhem are fun and challenging. The first real boss you face is an alien spaceship that you must chase down in your vehicle. Once destroyed the alien appears and you must kill him, and it is not as easy as I expected a first boss to be. I died a couple of times before finally beating him. This is the magic of the game; its difficult but its charm brought me back again and again to ether kill or be killed.

The upgrade system is central to the game-play. You can upgrade stats such as accuracy, power, reload speed. This means that you are ever getting more powerful. It also has a semi Metroidvania style of finding weapons that allow you to upgrade your arsenal that instantly made me feel more powerful after unlocking.

The Verdict: Q4P Pass or Play?

I recommend this game to anyone that enjoys a quick pick up and play style of gaming.  The simple art style adds to the fun in this immersive game.  For $7.99 (£7.19) this game is well worth your investment.



Disclaimer: This game was reviewed on the Nintendo Switch using a retail code provided by the publisher.


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Save the Ninja Clan Review

by Sodamancer

Save the Ninja Clan is one of the latest releases from recently prolific publisher, Sometimes You. They publish and port many games developed by other studios in addition to their own games. At the very least, they offer up a wide variety of experiences and Save the Ninja Clan is their take on the brutally difficult sub-genre of platformer games made famous by “I Wanna be the Guy” and “Super Meat Boy.”

What do I do?

You will die… a lot. That’s how these nails-hard platformers are designed and it’s no different here. The basic idea is that they present you with the tools necessary to overcome any obstacle from the beginning, but you need to learn to master the physics, controls, and timing to pull it all off. Every failure is a learning opportunity. You either recognize why or how you died and learn to do it better next time, or die repeatedly until you do figure it out. Thankfully, this means that you are responsible for your own deaths and they never feel cheap. Unfortunately, this also means that all of the punishment you have to endure has to be balanced out by fun or a sense of accomplishment.

Can I even progress, bro?

Save the Ninja Clan fails to provide you much of a sense of accomplishment. This is actually found primarily by the ability to access almost every level from the start of the game. You can boot the game up and choose whatever door it is that you want and this will lead to a new challenge. If you fail too much at any given level, you can just move to a different level and try it again. This sounds all well and good, but the game suffers for it.

Most games use their level progression as a clever tutorial. Every action, obstacle, and pit is a means of getting you familiar with the controls and physics, while also helping you to develop the skills necessary to overcome even greater obstacles further in the game. The lack of a feel of progression brought on by the ability to just choose a level at will makes it seem as though the devs sat back and just slapped together levels based on a dartboard.

“This level will feature…levers that…
fling you into…
whirling saw blades that are turning around…
moving spring boards….
above water”

Instead of introducing each of those elements to you in the earlier stages, and then slowly adding in one more element and a clever use or variation of that element.

Does it at least control well?

So, when it comes to platformers, especially those of the intentionally difficult variety, controls are essential. Save the Ninja Clan comes through with flying colors here. The jump is a little floaty at first, but you get used to it fairly quickly. Most importantly, the floaty jump is consistent. When you press the A button to jump, you know exactly how far in any given direction that you’re going to move, and you can adjust that with momentum. The biggest drawback of the control scheme is that you are restricted to only using the analog stick. While the Nintendo Switch might be among the worst Nintendo dpads in existence, even the direction buttons on the joycon would have been preferable to using the analog stick in a 2d platformer.

Is there anything interesting or new?

You can speed up or slow down the level’s speed. This is like a difficulty slider, as it just does exactly what it sounds like it does. Obviously, the faster you make it, the more you have to adjust your controls to overcome the speed difference. It actually starts you off at 115% instead of 100%, and 100% is the lowest that you can go.

Save the Ninja Clan – worth the journey?

I’d say that if you are into hard platformers, this is right up your alley. However, it is definitely more worth waiting for a sale than it is an immediate must buy. If you like your platformers to be well-designed and rich with clever level layouts and a sense of pride at your accomplishments, look elsewhere.

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SteamWorld Dig Review

A Spectacular Journey to Uncover

SteamWorld Dig for Nintendo Switch is a game created by Image and Form. For me it stands as one of the best E-titles on the Nintendo Switch and a must have for any owner. From the moment the game starts it hooks you into its Metroidvania style play. Without spoiling the story, you play as a character called Rusty who got a message from his Uncle Joe to come and take over his mine. Once you get there you find he has died and the mine is now yours to do as you please.

Exploration is key

The game is centred on Rusty digging down and finding caves and secrets to what his uncle was doing. Which for this review will not delve into because that is the joy of the game is to explore and find out what is going on and where is all leads to. Exploration is definitely the key with it being necessary to figure out where to go but also to find the secrets that are scattered all around.

Upgrades? Upgrades? Wait more upgrades?

There are so many upgrades within the game! You start of with one shop offering you upgrades to your pick and some ladders. But as you go through the game more and more shops open and more upgrades become available. Also look underground carefully because you definitely don’t want to miss all the upgrades that the SteamWorld Dig has to offer. Oh and did I tell you there was upgrades in game?

The Decision

A warning to all those that play SteamWorld Dig, its addicting, I played through the whole game in one sitting because I was so enticed by the game and the story. It took me 4 hours to complete and every minute was worth my time. It engages you in a way that sucks you into the game. For £8.99($10) its worth every penny and deserving of your time. It’s a game that you should not miss out on and perfect for the Nintendo Switch.





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Super Toy Cars Review

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday was to take my matchbox cars
outside and play with them in the dirt, in the driveway, and in my dad’s garage. I would make
all kinds of tracks with chalk and make my cars race, all the while getting lost in my play time
thinking of how fun it would be to drive these toy cars. How amazing would this world look
from a 1:64 scale perspective. Well, the days of fantasizing are over, thanks to eclipse
games, arcade racer, Super Toy Cars, that released on Nintendo Switch March 2, 2018.

super toy cars screen

Who made this big mess

At first glance, Super Toy Car looks like your kids have ripped their room apart, but after you
take off from the start line you begin to see how beautiful the race track environment is and
how much detail was actually put into each track. As you speed around the toy room you’re
treated to an amazing soundtrack, that really got me in the mood for some good old fashion
arcade racing. The main way you will be playing through Super Toy Cars will be, in the
career mode where you can unlock and buy new cars. You will also be able to buy
upgrades, to improve your car. There is no shortage of races with fifteen different track
variants over eight episodes or six races each. There are also five different race types. There
is your traditional race, time trial, checkpoint race, knock out race, and a different type of
knock out race called evade where it’s the same as a knock out race, but the track is littered
with mines.

It’s play time

One of my favorite things about this game is how much it reminds me of one of my
favorite games, Micro Machines. Super Toy Cars have a great top-down view. I also enjoy
how much Eclipse Games focuses on making this game fun to play, and nice to look at. This
game really comes to life when you’re able to play four player couch co-op.
Wait a minute
There are some things left to be wanted in Super Toy Cars. I had issues with my car flipping
out of control, and no I didn’t hit on of the trap laid by another racer. Getting stuck on walls
and not being able to get back to the race without restarting the race. The biggest missed
point is no online multiplayer. In today’s day and age games like this really need an online

super toy cars 1920x1080

Time to go home

At the end of the day. If you enjoy arcade racing games this is for you. If you enjoy great
visuals in a game this is for you. There’s a little bit of everything in this game for someone.
This game is a great palette cleanser when you’re looking for a game you can just turn on and

By: Joel Brooks

~Nintendo Family Gaming~


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