State of Anarchy Master of Mayhem Review

By Joey Splats


State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem

Aliens, Guns, Burning, and a whole city to master await you. Absolute mayhem sums up this game. However, it does it in such a way that made me want to come back again and again to fight these aliens. Published by Sometimes You, the game is about destroying all the enemies in a city while upgrading yourself. There are 48 stages/missions that get increasingly more difficult as you progress. There is also a variety of weapons and upgrades to unlock which adds to the fun.

The Mayhem

The game drops you into a world that has a retro stick-man graphic style that works for this type of hectic game. You see a few enemies which you kill, and that’s the game. You see an enemy in the world, and you shoot. However, with different weapons and vehicles, it provides enough variety to keep the game fresh. The game offers a variety of stages that kept me interested. I was never bored! This game is challenging and does not hold back. To beat the game, you need to strategize and work your way around the bosses.  From the onset, the bosses get increasingly more difficult.

The bosses in Master of Mayhem are fun and challenging. The first real boss you face is an alien spaceship that you must chase down in your vehicle. Once destroyed the alien appears and you must kill him, and it is not as easy as I expected a first boss to be. I died a couple of times before finally beating him. This is the magic of the game; its difficult but its charm brought me back again and again to ether kill or be killed.

The upgrade system is central to the game-play. You can upgrade stats such as accuracy, power, reload speed. This means that you are ever getting more powerful. It also has a semi Metroidvania style of finding weapons that allow you to upgrade your arsenal that instantly made me feel more powerful after unlocking.

The Verdict: Q4P Pass or Play?

I recommend this game to anyone that enjoys a quick pick up and play style of gaming.  The simple art style adds to the fun in this immersive game.  For $7.99 (£7.19) this game is well worth your investment.



Disclaimer: This game was reviewed on the Nintendo Switch using a retail code provided by the publisher.


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