SteamWorld Dig Review

A Spectacular Journey to Uncover

SteamWorld Dig for Nintendo Switch is a game created by Image and Form. For me it stands as one of the best E-titles on the Nintendo Switch and a must have for any owner. From the moment the game starts it hooks you into its Metroidvania style play. Without spoiling the story, you play as a character called Rusty who got a message from his Uncle Joe to come and take over his mine. Once you get there you find he has died and the mine is now yours to do as you please.

Exploration is key

The game is centred on Rusty digging down and finding caves and secrets to what his uncle was doing. Which for this review will not delve into because that is the joy of the game is to explore and find out what is going on and where is all leads to. Exploration is definitely the key with it being necessary to figure out where to go but also to find the secrets that are scattered all around.

Upgrades? Upgrades? Wait more upgrades?

There are so many upgrades within the game! You start of with one shop offering you upgrades to your pick and some ladders. But as you go through the game more and more shops open and more upgrades become available. Also look underground carefully because you definitely don’t want to miss all the upgrades that the SteamWorld Dig has to offer. Oh and did I tell you there was upgrades in game?

The Decision

A warning to all those that play SteamWorld Dig, its addicting, I played through the whole game in one sitting because I was so enticed by the game and the story. It took me 4 hours to complete and every minute was worth my time. It engages you in a way that sucks you into the game. For £8.99($10) its worth every penny and deserving of your time. It’s a game that you should not miss out on and perfect for the Nintendo Switch.





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