Nintendo Switch online details

Nintendo Switch online revealed

Today Nintendo switch online was revealed. After much speculation Nintendo revealed a small glimpse of what there paid online service will bring.


The first major confirmation was the price coming in at $19.99 for a year what a steal of a deal. There was also another price point introduced along side of this one. Nintendo rolled out a family membership coming in at $34.99

NES classic games

Part of this paid service will includes classics NES games with a awesome twist. All of the NES games included in this service will be given online features. Some with co-op others with shared screens. There will also be player vs player action available as well. The best part will be is that you can play with or against your friends from the comfort of your home. The first ten games announced were.

• Soccer

• Tennis

• Donkey Kong™

• Mario Bros.™

• Super Mario Bros.™

• Balloon Fight™

• Ice Climber™

• Dr. Mario™

• The Legend of Zelda™

• Super Mario Bros.™ 3

There will be ten more titles announced at the launch of the service in September. There is one more thing, all of these NES classic games will be playable offline as well.

What are your thoughts of this paid let us know in the comment section below.

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