Sushi Strikers the way of sushido

You need this demo

Sushi Strikers the way of sushido now has a demo that was launched on Thursday. I can say that my mind way changed about Sushi Strikers based on this demo. If you are a fan of anime or puzzle games this is for you. Nintendo has really gone all out for this game. There is a amazing opening animated video with original music and subtitles for you to sing along karaoke style.


don’t judge a game by its cover

When this game was in the tree house last year at E3. It was really disappointed That they would spend so much time showing it off. Another sticking point that had me turned off of Sushi Strikers was its price point $64 on the Canadian EShop.

After seeing how beautiful the animation is and how much effort was put in to this I can say now it is totally worth the full price. Sushi Strikers is also the first game to launch on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS, that has not been a port and will be exactly the same.


The draw backs

With this being the first time Nintendo has done this with a game for the 3DS and Switch there are some draw backs. I found battling with the button controls very cumbersome, but I like that Nintendo would still present that option.

In Sushi Strikers Nintendo also gives you the option to use the Switch’s touch screen. This way feels better  to play but, I would say it is a little difficult with my fingers. In my opinion they best way to play this game would be with the 3DS.  I think you would have better control in battle with the touch screen and styles combo.

Sushi Strikers on Nintendo Switch is a beautiful game and with some practice you can get used to the controls on the Switch. The 3DS I believe will have less of a learning curve in my opinion.  Either way I would recommend that you down load this demo and give it a try you won’t regret it.



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