Splatoon 2 update

Splatoon 2 new weapon sets

As of June 1 2018 there are some new additions in Splatoon 2. Four new weapon sets wear added as well as a new stage.


We have received a new variation of the Rapid Blaster. It’s sub weapon is a splash wall and has ink armor as its special.


We are treated to my favorite set of dualies in the game. This time they are paired with a splat bomb and a ink storm.


I’m not going to lie this one right here is the set I’m least excited to use. A new undercover sorella brella. You will be using a splat bomb and the baller.


This is the set that I am most interested in using. This carbon roller comes with burst bombs and a new special autobomb launcher.

Wahoo world

wahoo world

Wahoo world is the new map this time around. It looks like a awesome board walk complete with fair rides. I’m looking forward to playing some ranked matched on this stage.

Well those are all of the new additions added to Splatoon 2. This could be the last update before we get the octoling DLC.


Shocking Splatoon 2 news

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